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Welcome to a new year filled with new possibilities, especially at Chargeflow! We’re rolling out our brand new dashboard, that’s right, it’s the Chargeflow 2.0 with an all-new look and feel. As an eCommerce merchant, you know (or at least we hope you know) that a robust dispute management tool is essential for success. Well, what we’ve re-designed for you and your business is revolutionary. With the new updates, you can now transform the way you handle your disputes. No more handling disputes in the dark, we’re lighting the way – to clarity and success. How? I’ll tell you. Let's dive in.

Enhancing Your User Experience

Let’s take a look a closer look at Chargeflow 2.0 enhancements:

Dispute Pipeline: Simplified, Intuitive, and Clear

With our all-new disputes automation queue page in Chargeflow 2.0, we bring you an enhanced ability to manage your disputes with a fluid, end-to-end approach. This new pipeline simplifies the dispute navigation process. Our goal is to make every one of your cases understandable and manageable. The new design eliminates the complexity of understanding your disputes, resulting in a streamlined, user-friendly approach to dispute management. So take a deep breath, because we’re tackling those disputes, one dispute at a time. 

Take a look at the new dashboard below, clear, insightful, and a breath of fresh air.

Redesigned Dispute Page: Every Dispute Tells A Story

Next up is the all-new dispute story page. Here, we’ve completely redesigned it to focus on the ‘dispute story’. 

Chargeflow 2.0 veers away from the traditional data display and instead, offers an insightful window into your COMPLETE dispute journey. We’re not just about presenting the data, we’re about providing you with a comprehensive understanding of each transaction lifecycle. 

Disputes are generally vague, and lacking information. At Chargeflow, we meticulously analyze each dispute, from order details and checkout data to shipping information, to transaction history, subscription data, and more. What we do essentially is reverse engineer the process and map out the entire dispute journey. This approach allows you to gain a full understanding of the lifecycle of each dispute, turning data points into a dispute story.

Visualize Your Dispute Lifecycle

Our dashboard brings the entire transaction lifecycle into focus. From the initial transaction initiation to the final resolution of a dispute; we offer a complete, chronological visualization. With Chargeflow, you can relax and put your feet up, as we handle the complexities of dispute management for you, transforming it into a hassle-free, hands-off experience. As a bonus, this clear and detailed view equips you with the necessary insights to make well-informed decisions at every stage of the dispute-resolution process. 

Specific dispute timeline (per dispute)
All disputes per their stage

Dispute Evidence Preview

In essence, this feature offers unparalleled clarity at your fingertips. Now, you can see your dispute evidence easily, so easy, it’s just one-click to preview. This feature enables you to view a PDF-format of all your documents that were submitted to the bank. And just like that, the vital information you need is at your fingertips.

We noticed previously that this feature was not being fully utilized by our customers, so we decided to make it more user-friendly and valuable. Our goal is to provide you with tools that help you manage disputes effectively and with complete confidence and transparency. 

Coming Soon: Wait! There’s More to Come…

Get ready as Chargeflow is working on even more upgrades that will be rolled out in the next few months such as:

  1. Mobile– App Release: Mobile version for the web application design. Like the desktop version, we are bringing support to many of our mobile customers. 
  2. More enriched Insights: Expect to gain more analytics to help you gain a clearer picture of your processes and disputes. From your dispute win rates, to dispute distribution according to different factors, and more. View a comprehensive visualization identifying patterns and trends, with insights that go beyond mere numbers. 
  3. New Integrations! Ayden and Afterpay: Keep your eyes peeled as we are working on a seamlessly integrated integration with Adyen and Afterpay. Offering you more flexibility and efficiency in managing your transactions and disputes. They’re part of Chargeflow’s comprehensive approach to covering every aspect of the customer journey.  

Summing Up the Chargeflow 2.0 Experience

We believe that Chargeflow 2.0 signifies a leap in the world of comprehensive dispute management. This isn’t just an upgrade, it's a revolution.

  • Enhanced User Experience - We’ve reimagined the user interface to bring you an intuitive and seamless experience, making dispute management more efficient and less cumbersome.
  • Integrated View of the Dispute Journey - The dashboard provides you with a holistic view of the dispute lifecycle, giving you insights from the initial interaction until the resolution.
  • Unwavering Commitment to Transparency - We’ve emphasized transparency and visibility keeping you always informed and in control, with features such as a one-click preview to bring you an unprecedented level of clarity.

Chargeflow 2.0 re-envisions traditional dispute management.  Our goal is to establish ourselves as your trusted partner that navigates every nuance of your dispute management journey. We’re designed not just to provide you with the tools but also the insights that help you understand and engage with your customers more effectively. With this knowledge, you can focus on your core business operations while we handle the complexities of disputes. 

Don’t just take our word for it, check out the all-new yourself and embark on a journey that redefines dispute management, empowered by being informed, efficient, and overall more knowledgeable without putting in the work yourself.  


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