Recover 80% of Friendly Fraud Chargebacks

Chargebacks reduce profits dramatically, are difficult to manage, and are unfair. Introducing Chargeflow - the fully automated solution that recovers chargebacks for your business, on Autopilot.

Why Chargeflow?

Fully automated chargebacks management
Industry leading win-rates
Setup in less than 60 seconds
ROI guarantee
Recovered Revenue
Recovered Revenue
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Here’s whats happening with your disputes

Here’s why Chargeflow stands out

Full Chargeback Automation
Using powerful algorithms that leverage millions of data points, Chargfeflow provides unrivaled chargeback evidence responses, with industry-leading recovery rates at scale, while delivering a completely hands-off solution.
After analyzing millions of disputes and using our proprietary Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence algorithms, ChargeScore® predicts with high accuracy the likelihood of recovering every one of your disputes.
By utilizing the power of Machine Learning and human expertise we combine more than 50 different data points across your eCommerce platform, payment processor, logistics company and past data to create the world’s most robust dispute response.
ROI Guarantee
You win, we win. It’s that simple. No long-term contracts, implementation fees or any kind of fees. We stand by our succes-based pricing.
AI-Powered Analytics
Insightful data is vital for businesses to thrive. If you can't see (or understand) your numbers, you might end up with major cash flow issues. Chargeflow features robust analytics that helps you keep up with what really matters.
All-In-One Dashboard
Centralize your entire fraud and chargebacks operations under one roof. Get a holistic overview of your complete chargeback situation across multiple payment processors in one place.

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Featured Case Study
“The stress level related to chargebacks went from 100 to 0. Couldn’t be more happy to have this process automated. Not only can we dedicate our time to more productive projects, we no longer have to train and monitor the employee(s) that manage our chargebacks.”
‘Matthew J. Kinneman, Bully Max CEO’

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