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5x ROI Guarantee
Industry leading win-rate
Recovered Revenue
Recovered Revenue
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Chargebacks revenue recovered by Chargeflow, and counting…

Handled by Chargeflow

Done-For-You Dispute Automation Solution

Chargeflow is the world's first automated chargeback management solution specifically designed for eCommerce merchants.

By utilizing Big Data and deep integration with your business, we are able to produce the most comprehensive chargeback evidence in the world, custom-tailored to your store, and send it on your behalf.

How It Works?
Disputes settled in your favor
Dispute Won!
$249.99 dispute has just been settled in your favor.
Dispute Solved!
$129.99 dispute has just been resolved in your favor.
Dispute Solved!
$60.00 dispute has just been resolved in your favor.

All the wins,
None of the work.

We make it easy for you to run and scale your business without having to worry about disputes.

Success-based pricing, only pay when you win
The world's most robust dispute evidence
5x ROI Guarantee
Fully automated, no intervention required
An industry-leading win rate
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Dispute Response

Resolving disputes is complex, extremely difficult, and time-consuming to execute. ChargeResponse® uses smart algorithms that leverage millions of data points, to introduce an unrivaled chargeback evidence response, designed to help you win more chargebacks and save you time. $$$.

Personalized response templates tailored to your business needs
Adapts automatically to your store type and dispute reason code
Exceptional technology based on AI and Big Data
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On {disputed_date}, {company_name} received notice that the customer {customer_name} with the registered account email of {customer_email}, filed a dispute for a charge we made in the amount of {currency_value}. The dispute was for the amount of {currency_value}, billed on {billed_time}, to a {card_type} with an expiration date of {card_exp_month} / {card_exp_year}, whose last four digits are {card_last_four}. The charge in question has a credit card statement title of {charge_statement}.

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Dispute Summary
Case ID
Transaction ID
$79.98 USD
Created At
March 11, 2020, 5:22 PM
Due Date
March 31, 2020, 5:22 PM
Needs seller response
Payment Source
**** 6259


Forecasting disputes success rates for the first time

Get a better understanding of your business cash flow and forecast it by calculating how much money you expect to recover from ongoing disputes.

By analyzing millions of disputes and using our proprietary algorithms, we can determine with high accuracy the chances of recovering each dispute.

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Stay on top of your disputes game

Get access to in-depth analytics, never seen before at the anti-fraud industry

Insightful data is vital for businesses to thrive. If you can't see (or understand) your numbers, you might end up with major cash flow issues that might end up disrupting your business. Chargeflow features robust analytics that helps you keep up with what really matters.

Gain deeper understanding into your business dispute situation
Receive weekly summary emails with statistics from your account
Get AI based tips to lower your dispute rate & increase your win-rate
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Audited by our Dispute Experts
In order to ensure that your ChargeResponse® is in a position to win, our Dispute Experts human-proof it before sending it out.
Success-based pricing
It's pretty simple. We only make money if you do, so it's in our best interest to help you recover (a lot) more money. Oh, and we have a 5x ROI Guarantee, so... we'd call that a good deal.
2-Step installation
Chargeflow is the easiest and fastest way to help you get rid of disputes and focus on what's important. No coding. No sales calls.


Boast faster PayPal funds release, significantly less account reserves and qualify for PayPal Seller Protection on every transaction.

ChargeSync® will automatically sync tracking and logistics information from your eCommerce platform to your PayPal account, free of charge.

Tracking Number
Succesfully Synced
API Integration
Prevent disputes and increase your win rate
Real-time syncing of your PayPal tracking numbers helps alleviate disputes and increase your account credibility.
Supports over 700 worldwide carriers
We take international eCommerce seriously. We support virtually any carrier in the world.
FREE to use
ChargeSync® is 100% free to use for every active Chargeflow Success user.
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Don't just take our word for it
10 Reviews
Sophia M.
"We can now concentrate on creating better products because Chargeflow has taken care of disputes for our business."
John W.
"Chargeflow system far outperformed other dispute management platforms."
Daniel H.
"Their offer is unbelievable, with 5x ROI Guarantee and full automation, that's a no brainer. "

The Chargeflow Difference

Discover how Chargeflow can help your business recover more money (for less)

Average Dispute Amount
# Disputes Per Month
Time Spent Per Dispute
You could recover $500,000 and save 1,000 hours every month with Chargeflow!
You could recover
$500,000 and save
1,000 hours every month with Chargeflow!
Average Dispute Amount
Average Dispute Amount
# Disputes Per Month
# Disputes Per Month
Time Spent Per Dispute
Time Spent Per Dispute
You could recover
$500,000 and save
1,000 hours every month with Chargeflow!
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Simple, Success-Based Pricing

Success-Based Pricing

No long-term contracts. No monthly or hidden fees. You only pay for disputes that are settled in your favor.

Fully-automated dispute management,
with simple, success-based pricing
per successful dispute settled in your favor
100% Automated dispute management
No set-up fees, monthly fees or contracts
The world's most robust dispute response
Get Started
First 10 disputes settled in your favor are FREE.
Designed for large brands handling more than 500 disputes per month or unique business models
Custom API Integrations
Subscriptions Support
Fraud Solution
Account Manager
Contact Sales
Need more information about our pricing plans?
Learn More About Pricing
Your data privacy comes first
Chargeflow is designed to protect your data. Order and payment data doesn’t leave our servers and are only used to gather specific information that is required to generate compelling evidence for disputes responses.
We're fully integrated with
Using another Payment Processor / eCommerce platform? Let us know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which platforms are currently supported?

Chargeflow currently supports Shopify and PayPal. We are working hard to expand our integrations variety, if you have a special request or can't find your processor shoot us an email to: hello@chargeflow.io

How much does it cost?

Our solution costs 20% success-fee from the total recovered amount of the disputes we helped settle in your favor.

Do you have an ROI Guarantee?

Yes, every Chargeflow Success customer is entitled to our 5x ROI Guarantee program. That means that for every dollar you pay us, 5 dollars goes into your bank account. Isn't it great?

Is your security any good?

We built Chargeflow from the ground up with security in mind. Our system uses best-in-class SSL encryption (TLS 1.2). All of our integrations (Shopify, PayPal, Stripe) are built using the official API’s and are approved by the platforms.

For more information in regards to how we handle security at Chargeflow, click here.

Are you any better than *insert_random_service*?

The reason we created Chargeflow in the first place, was the absence of good chargeback management services, especially ones that are optimized for eCommerce businesses. However, we’ve really taken it to another level. Take it for a spin, you don’t need to do anything manually, let us do the hard work. You just need to hold tight, wait, and see the how we recover more money for you, without you needing to lift a finger.

Are there any contracts? Monthly minimums? Setups fees?

No, nope, and… no way. We do not believe in keeping unhappy customers. It’s just not our type of doing-business. You are free to leave whenever you’d like, and there are no hidden fees.

How does ChargeScore® work?

First, ChargeScore® pulls the dispute and order information from across your data sets. It also pulls your dispute history and creates a valuation to your account dispute situation.

We then push everything into our proprietary, statistically-significant AI & ML algorithms, add a bit of magic… and VOILA. You get to (almost) predict the future. Science, huh?

Can I determine which disputes Chargeflow responds to on my behalf?

We understand that every business have different needs, that’s why we have created Rules. In Rules, you can easily set different parameters to when you’d like Chargeflow to automatically respond to disputes, and when you’d want to keep things under your control. Rules are coming soon, reach out to your Dispute Engineer to learn more about when Rules will roll out.

You also have the option to individually turn off Chargeflow intervention per dispute.

Can you guarantee a win-rate?

Although we maintain one of the highest win rates in the industry, we don’t have any control over who wins and who losses. That’s totally up to the credit card issuer (or the bank) to determine.

How do you compare to other chargeback management services?

We like to view it as a comparison to what we don’t do as opposed to what they do. They charge setup fees. We don’t. They have monthly/yearly minimums. We don’t. They require you to sign a contract for 6+ months. We don’t.

What we actually do, you ask? We promise you a return on investment (5x return, to be precise). It means that you pay only when we help settle a dispute in your favor. We have advanced API’s in-place, designed to create a fully-automated, best-in-class dispute response, every single time, and we have the highest win rates in the industry.

And what you don’t have to do, with Chargeflow? Worry about disputes, ever.