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Stripe launched its App Marketplace in 2022, enabling third-party app developers to build apps for the Stripe ecosystem, just like Shopify. The marketplace helps online businesses resolve daily challenges with apps designed to Stripe’s taste. From managing chargebacks to optimizing conversion rates, you can now access fantastic Stripe apps to streamline operations and bolster growth.

Hence, we’re thrilled to share this curated list of top Stripe Apps of 2024, each selected to address vital aspects of your online business. Let’s explore how these apps can transform your operations and lead you to unprecedented success.

Metrics for Choosing Our Top Stripe Apps of 2024

We chose these exceptional Stripe apps in line with Stripe's core guiding principles, including:

  1. Quality: Our top Stripe apps have outstanding quality and user experience, including excellent design, UX, performance, and reliability.
  2. Security: Our shortlisted apps go above and beyond Stripe’s standards for the protection and privacy of user data and other applicable laws.
  3. Trust: The top Stripe apps have excellent trust standards. They maintain the integrity of Stripe's ecosystem.
  4. Transparent pricing: The selected apps have incredible value for money regarding pricing and payment policy.

Here are the top Stripe apps to tackle your daily business challenges in 2024 and beyond:

The Best Stripe App for Chargeback Recovery: Chargeflow

In the ever-evolving landscape of online transactions, chargebacks remain a critical concern, directly impacting your revenue and operational efficiency. Chargeflow stands at the forefront of chargeback recovery, offering an automated, data-driven solution that integrates seamlessly with Stripe. The advanced Chargeflow algorithms and dispute management system recover lost revenue by autopilot and provide invaluable insights into the root causes of chargebacks. This proactive approach empowers you to implement preventive measures, reducing future disputes and fostering a healthier bottom line. With Chargeflow, you can redirect your focus towards growth, assured that your chargeback disputes are in expert hands.

With Chargeflow’s Stripe App, we’ve brought your chargeback activities and analytics directly into your Stripe dashboard. Get started with Chargeflow on Stripe Apps.

The Best Stripe App for Churn Prevention: Churnkey

Churnkey on Indie Hackers

Customer retention is the lifeblood of subscription-based models, making churn prevention an essential strategy for sustained success. Churnkey is your go-to Stripe app for reducing churn rates, thanks to its targeted offers, personalized exit surveys, and intelligent cancellation flows. Its seamless integration with Stripe provides real-time insights, enabling you to craft customized retention strategies that resonate with your customer base. Elevate your churn prevention efforts with Churnkey and transform potential cancellations into opportunities for engagement and feedback.

Get started with Churnkey on Stripe Apps.

The Best Stripe App for Affiliate Marketing: PromoteKit

Affiliate marketing is a powerful avenue for expanding your brand’s reach and driving sales. PromoteKit emerges as the premier Stripe app for managing affiliate relationships, tracking commissions, and ensuring timely payouts. PromoteKit’s Stripe integration simplifies the complexities of affiliate marketing, allowing you to focus on forging productive partnerships and scaling your program. PromoteKit has a deep integration with Stripe, supporting Stripe Checkout, Stripe Promo Codes, and Stripe Payment Links.

Get started with PromoteKit on Stripe Apps.

The Best Stripe App for Analytics: ChartMogul

ChartMogul | Subscription Analytics Platform

For SaaS companies, analytics are indispensable for steering strategy and measuring success. ChartMogul, the leading analytics app for Stripe users, offers a comprehensive suite of metrics. ChartMogul allows you to track every aspect of your SaaS business, from revenue analysis to customer lifetime value. Through its extensive integration with Stripe, ChartMogul transforms your billing data into actionable insights. It guides your decision-making process with precision. Embrace the power of data with ChartMogul.

Get started with ChartMogul on Stripe Apps.

The Best Stripe App for Tax Monitoring: Anrok

Announcements | Anrok

Navigating the complexities of tax compliance is daunting for any online business. Anrok simplifies this process, offering an automated solution for calculating, collecting, and filing sales tax, VAT, and GST. Its direct integration with Stripe ensures accurate transaction analysis and compliance with local and international tax regulations. With Anrok, you can manage your tax obligations effortlessly, allowing you to dedicate more resources to scaling your business.

Get started with Anrok on Stripe Apps.


Every year brings new challenges. From all indications, this year will be no different. To weather the storm, you need tools and resources that help you get better results faster. Integrating these Stripe apps into your business operations can dramatically enhance efficiency, customer satisfaction, and growth. From automating chargeback recovery with Chargeflow to leveraging the strategic capabilities of Churnkey, PromoteKit, ChartMogul, and Anrok, these tools are designed to tackle the unique challenges of online businesses.

At Chargeflow, we’re committed to helping you, a hardworking merchant, recover lost revenue and empowering your business to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. Explore these integrations and discover how they can transform your business today. Learn more about chargeback automation.



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