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eCommerce is a world of pressure. Competing interests and limited time make managing customer disputes, maximizing customer value, and optimizing shipping and delivery processes cumbersome.

That’s where apps come in. An excellent eCommerce app makes a world of difference in the success of any Shopify business, regardless of scale.

As of the time of this article, there are 8,500+ Shopify apps on the official app store. Some are nice to have. But some others are truly amazing!

With numerous options to choose from and thousands of websites sampling more of the same recommendations, narrowing down the must-have apps for revenue growth, effective dispute remediation, and excellent order fulfillment becomes overwhelming.

But not to worry. We’ve examined the various apps and hand-selected eight best Shopify apps that’ll put money in your pocket this peak season.

Metrics for Choosing Our Eight Best Shopify Apps

Before we spill the beans, it’s useful to share the metrics used for choosing our best Shopify apps.

  1. Features

We looked at Shopify apps that offer users a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience, with robust security measures to shield customer data, payment information, and your store from cyber threats.

  1. User Interface

Shopify is keen to ensure the maximal operationality of apps they list on the Shopify App Store. But, some developers go the extra mile in ensuring intuitive navigation and a clean, organized layout to make it easy for customers to experience your store without hiccups.

  1. Quality Reviews

We evaluated user reviews and ratings to gauge reliability, user satisfaction, and consonance with market needs.

  1. Pricing

Alignment with business goals and customer expectations is crucial for Shopify apps to provide a seamless, secure shopping experience that drives sales and fosters customer loyalty. However, the pricing aspect makes a significant difference in ensuring sustained, progressive relationships between merchants and their customers.

With that said, here are the eight apps every eCommerce merchant must have.

8 Shopify Apps That'll Put Money In Your Pocket This Peak Season

  1. OneClickUpsell
  2. Chargeflow
  3. ReturnGO
  4. ShipperHQ
  5. Avada AOV
  6. Easyship
  7. Easy Bundles
  8. Giftkart

OneClickUpsell: Pre-purchase Upsell

OneClickUpsell makes it easy to offer optimized pre and post-purchase upsells, in-cart upsells and now Shop app upsells, too! Plus built-in split testing lets you optimize each funnel for peak performance—no developers or custom coding needed. Just select a product you want to offer, customize it & publish. That’s all it takes to optimize your checkout experience from top to bottom.

  • NEW: Offer Upsells On Shop - OCU is the first & only upsell app on Shop!
  • True One Click Purchases - No need for customers to re-enter their payment info
  • Built In Split Testing For Each Placement - fully optimize your entire funnel
  • Unlimited Upsells - You are not charged based on how many people see your offers
  • World Class Support - If you ever have questions our team is standing by to help

Feedback from the Shopify App Store: Merchants highly recommend this app for its ability to enhance average order value and sales. They find it user-friendly and appreciate its smooth integration with Shopify. Key features like pre and post-purchase upsells, cross-sells, and A/B testing are particularly appreciated. The customer support team is often praised for their promptness and expertise. Merchants have seen immediate sales growth after installation. The app’s customization options, analytics tools, and educational content are also well-liked.

Chargeflow: Fully Automated Chargeback Solution

Chargeflow is a chargeback automation platform that takes a more modern, sophisticated and scalable approach to chargeback recovery.

After analyzing millions of chargebacks and feeding them into its AI-based system, Chargeflow created ChargeResponse®, the world's first science-based chargeback response system. This proprietary frameworks help you forecast chargeback success rates and submit evidence directly to the credit card companies on your behalf using compelling evidence collected from over 50 data points. This includes 3rd party data analyzed by our powerful AI technology to help you automate the entire chargeback process while providing much-needed reporting transparency. A team of dispute experts with years of experience human-proofs and QA’s every chargeback response before sending it to the bank for maximum outcome.

Chargeflow maintains one of the highest win rates in the industry - averaging at around 80% – with native apps on Shopify and Stripe.

Chargeflow’s unique features include:

  1. Fully automated chargeback management. The system can analyze large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, providing insights that human analysts may not readily identify.
  2. ROI-Guarantee. With Chargeflow, there are no fixed fees or long-term contracts! You only pay for disputes won, a win-win process for maximum outcome.
  3. Higher win rates (2x industry average). Merchants using Chargeflow's chargeback automation system have reported getting up to a 75% dispute win rate instead of the 12% industry average. And they save about $4000 on monthly labor costs.
  4. White-glove evidence curation and submission. You no longer have to worry about beating the clock regarding chargeback disputes —that’s all done for you. Chargeflow gives you access to seamless evidence gathering from over 50 3rd party data sources, fully automated dispute filing, and analytics to grow your business.
  5. Connection to all processors for all-in-one analytics and dashboard. Chargeflow integrates seamlessly into your existing payments stack. This integration ensures that critical information and necessary order insight can flow smoothly between our systems and yours, guaranteeing that your data is always up-to-date and precise.
  6. Chargflow alerts provides merchants and businesses with the ability to be notified of transaction disputes before they escalate into chargebacks. This crucial head-start allows for quick and effective actions to be taken, ensuring chargebacks are avoided entirely.  

ReturnGO: Making post-purchase better, one return at a time

When it comes to managing returns and exchanges, ReturnGO stands out as a game-changer for eCommerce stores. This cutting-edge return management software simplifies your post-purchase workflow while boosting revenue and sustainability.

With data-driven insights and advanced automation capabilities, ReturnGO empowers you to offer customers a self-service return experience that builds loyalty, reduces waste, and increases sales.

Trusted by close to 3000 stores worldwide, including industry giants like Decathlon and Tupperware, ReturnGO has earned its spot as a must-have app for Shopify merchants looking to stand out in the competitive eCommerce landscape.

ReturnGO supports advanced features including:

  • Product & variant exchanges, gift returns, store credit, and more.
  • Flexible return reasons, follow-up questions, and image & video upload.
  • Automation rules such as auto-exchange, auto-refund, and auto-approve.
  • Automatically generated pre-paid return shipping labels for tracking returns.
  • Integrations with shipping carriers, 3PLs, ERPs, helpdesks, APIs & more.
  • Advanced return policy flexibility to tailor your return rules to match your unique needs.
  • Order tracking portal and notifications to provide an end-to-end post-purchase experience.

ShipperHQ: Save More & Sell More

ShipperHQ is the leading shipping experience management solution, empowering top brands and retailers worldwide to optimize their shipping experience at checkout, create a seamless fulfillment and delivery experience after purchase—and increase sales. With customizable and accurate shipping rates, options for every buying scenario, and integrations with more live carriers and local delivery services than any other solution, ShipperHQ is the ultimate tool for creating a shipping strategy that converts.

  • Curate Your Checkout Experience For Any Scenario: Easily manipulate live or custom rates, run promotional pricing, restrict shipping options for specific goods or locations, and more—all based on the conditions you choose.
  • Show Delivery Dates You Can Deliver on Every Time: Boost customer confidence and convert more carts by displaying clear and accurate delivery dates based on the shipping method the customer selects at checkout.
  • Get Rates That Reflect How You Actually Ship: Automatically determining the best packing configuration for any combination of products in a cart. Combine with custom packing rules and calculate each cart cost-efficiently without manual intervention.
  • Deliver on Convenience with In-Store Pickup: Capture more sales and reduce shipping costs with in-store, curbside, or alternative pickup at checkout. Display all pickup locations or limit them based on a maximum distance radius from the pickup location.
  • Automate Rating From Multiple Warehouses: Easily manage rates from multiple distribution centers, warehouses, or drop ship vendors. Plus, instantly pick the most cost-effective or convenient origin to fulfill orders from.
  • Deliver the Small Parcel Experience for Heavy Freight: Instantly compare LTL freight carriers at checkout to streamline shipping processes of heavy, oversized goods, all while keeping shipping margins in check and offering the best customer experience.

Avada AOV (Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle): All-in-one cross-sell and upsell

Avada AOV is a powerful tool that allows you to create unlimited upsell and cross-sell offers with various discount types. The app helps boost your average order value by offering relevant products to customers at the right moment in their shopping journey.

Key features that set Avada AOV apart:

  • Display upsell and cross-sell campaigns on product and view cart pages.
  • Create unlimited offers with various discount types and dynamic pricing to match customers’ needs.
  • Customize the widget’s design, content, and timing to match your store’s theme and language.
  • Gain valuable insights into the performance of your offers and make data-driven decisions to optimize your sales strategy.
  • Easy setup with no coding required.

Merchants worldwide trust Avada Upsell Cross Sell Bundle to enhance customer experience and boost revenue. Join the ranks of successful e-commerce businesses and take your Shopify store to the next level with Avada AOV. Try it today and experience the results for yourself!

Easyship: Supercharge Your Shipping

Easyship boasts a community of 100,000+ online store owners who rely on the comprehensive tool for all their shipping needs. This all-in-one platform manages everything, from shipping labels to automated customs paperwork all the way to returns. As a bonus, users can take advantage of a $30 shipping credit when they sync their first e-commerce store. Notably, Easyship offers up to 91% off shipping rates through an enormous network of 250+ global carriers, including UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL. Meaning, merchants get competitive rates and delivery speeds no matter where their shipment is going. Key Features Include:

Seamless Online Store Integration: Streamline operations with order syncing, workflow automation, and bulk label printing

  • Sales-Boosting Transparency: Display the cheapest and fastest shipping rates at checkout, reducing cart abandonment
  • Comprehensive Insurance: Flexible coverage options up to $10,000 for domestic and international orders
  • Elevated Customer Experience: Simplify returns and add your custom branding throughout for a smooth customer journey
  • Automated Tax & Duties Paperwork: Expand internationally with more confidence thanks to automated paperwork and the best rates for international shipping

Easy Bundles: Upsell bundle products & cross sell, gift box, build a box

Easy Bundles let your customers build their own bundles and bump up the Average Order Value(AOV) of your store. It provides a customisable, branded and step-based bundling experience. You can easily upsell bundled products, cross-sell items, create gift boxes, and even build custom boxes tailored to your customers' preferences. Shopify Merchants can provide a better gifting experience with personalized greeting cards and video messages, making your products even more appealing. Our distraction-free flow gives a smooth and successful bundle building experience.

It is an ideal solution for increasing AOV, improving cross-selling strategies, and creating compelling bundle products, all in one seamless app. And all this without losing your custom branding.


  1. Bundle Builder: Customizable layouts for unique bundle and box builds
  2. Gifting bundles: Add personal touch with greeting cards, gift boxes, and videos.
  3. Customizable UI for bundles: Integrated with your store for consistent branding.
  4. Tag-Based Filtering for customer product discovery and selection of bundles
  5. Upselling & Cross-selling: Boosts sales via bundle and gift box creation.

Giftkart: Gift Card & CashBack

Giftkart is an all-in-one gift card suite that helps you sell more and retain customers with the help of E-Gift Cards, Cashbacks & Customer Winback Campaigns.

You can increase acquisition, conversion, and retention using features of Easy Bundles. Build branded digital gift cards and accompanying greeting cards that leave an impression. Retain and engage customers through bulk gift card campaigns. Additionally, run rewarding loyalty campaigns and incentivize purchases with cashback offers.

With GiftKart, you can automate your growth for major shopping seasons like Christmas, BFCM, and Halloween. Automate gift card rewards, and schedule message delivery to coincide with special occasions, included with branded video messages within gift cards.


  1. Acquire new customers with a personalized & branded digital gift card experience
  2. Win back high-value customers with automated cashbacks and gift card campaigns
  3. Increase average order value by offering free gift cards on high-value orders
  4. Manage working capital by issuing store credits instead of refunds for returns
  5. Flexible design, multilingual support, best-in-class customer service

Sell More and Enhance Your Customer Relationships

That's our shortlist of the best Shopify apps used by successful eCommerce merchants to optimize payment dispute mediation, improve average order value, make returns less stressful, and add some spin to their shipment delivery.

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