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Ariel and Avia Chen aren't just siblings; they're lifelong business partners whose bond has fueled a series of innovative ventures. Hailing from the vibrant streets of Jerusalem, Israel, their shared vision first manifested when Avia, as a young 12-year-old, teamed up with Ariel to embark on their initial entrepreneurial journey. Since then they’ve launched multiple ventures, with the latest, Chargeflow, quickly becoming the leading Chargeback solution for eCommerce merchants. 

Babe Cosmetics: A Beauty Venture with Unforeseen Challenges

Building on their passion for technology and innovation, the duo launched Babe Cosmetics, a global brand committed to cruelty-free beauty products. Yet, as is often the case with many ventures, they encountered hurdles.

Ariel and Avia managed to grow Babe Cosmetics into a major brand that was generating millions of dollars in transaction volume. They were using Shopify as their ecommerce platform and leveraged the Shopify app ecosystem to extend the capabilities of the brand. Everything from upselling, subscription management, marketing and payments they found excellent third-party solutions for their needs.

Ariel and Avia shared with TechCrunch,  Babe Cosmetics was thriving, we encountered a significant problem with chargebacks. This glaring issue was something that we were not able to find ANY kind of app or third-party to solve this problem. This is what led us on the path to create Chargeflow."  -Ariel and Avia Chen 

The Birth of Chargeflow: Turning Adversity into Opportunity

Determined to address the challenge head-on, they sought a solution and, finding none, decided to build one themselves. Thus, in 2021, Chargeflow was born. With their sights set on this new venture, Ariel and Avia sold Babe Cosmetics to devote themselves fully to the creation and success of Chargeflow.

A New Dawn in eCommerce with Chargeflow

Chargeflow, the market's first AI-powered, fully automated post-purchase chargeback solution, boasts a recovery rate and multiplies their current by up to 4 times higher. It uses machine learning to generate custom evidence for each chargeback, ensuring efficient and timely resolutions.

Ariel is particularly proud of how Chargeflow addresses these issues. He emphasizes, we designed Chargeflow to thoroughly address the chargeback pain points of e-commerce entrepreneurs. Chargeflow reduces the burden on entrepreneurs with simple integrations, success-based pricing, no commitment, zero contracts, and a seamless, automated chargeback recovery experience," says Ariel Chen.

Tackling the Challenge of Chargebacks

For many eCommerce businesses, navigating the intricate labyrinth of chargebacks stands out as a significant challenge with a heavy toll on operational and financial efficiency. Different chargeback reason codes sprawl across credit card networks, each demanding unique evidence and different response templates for a successful chargeback reversal. However, Chargeflow's users have seen industry leading win rates, a sharp 4-7x increase from the average industry's 12%. Furthermore, Chargeflow is a standalone self-serve PLG platform, and is also available in the Shopify App Store and in Stripe App Marketplace, and integrates seamlessly with other major payment and eCommerce platforms, with plans to expand its compatibility to dozens more providers.

Chargeflow's Distinctive Edge

Ariel and Avia can relate first hand to the frustration of constantly needing to manage chargebacks in their eCommerce operations and especially in Babe Cosmetics, which can distract you from focusing on product development and cultivating the growth of your business. With Chargeflow, merchants are armed with powerful and insightful data. This empowers them to better understand customer buying patterns, automate the chargeback mitigation process, reduce disputes, and channel their energy towards growing their businesses.

Funding and the Road Ahead

Chargeflow recently secured a significant $11 million in seed financing from OpenView Venture Partners, followed by an earlier $3 million pre-seed round. This robust backing underscores the industry's confidence in Chargeflow's vision and solution.

Looking Ahead with Chargeflow

In a rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, challenges like chargebacks can disrupt the growth and health of businesses. But with innovators like Ariel and Avia Chen leading the charge, there's a brighter path forward. At Chargeflow, our unwavering commitment is to empower and support our users every step of the way. Through our unique blend of advanced AI technology, real-time data insights, and a user-friendly approach we ensure that e-commerce entrepreneurs have the tools they need to navigate these challenges with confidence.

As we reflect on the remarkable journey of the Chen brothers, from their earliest ventures to the inception of Chargeflow, one thing is evident: their unwavering commitment to innovation and solution-driven entrepreneurship. With Chargeflow, they've not only addressed a pressing industry challenge but have also set the stage for a future where e-commerce businesses can thrive without the looming shadow of chargebacks.

Be sure to follow Chargeflow for future updates and deep dives into industry insights. Here's to the continued spirit of innovation, resilience, and a future bursting with possibilities!

About Author: Jodi Lifschitz is the Head of Content at Chargeflow. She brings an extensive background in crafting content across multiple industries. With a keen ability to merge storytelling and content delivery, she's enhancing the brand's narrative in tech and e-commerce.


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