About Us

We are two young entrepreneurs who had several succesful eCommerce businesses and have stumbled upon the overlooked issue of disputes and chargebacks.

Why we created Chargeflow?

We tried a handful of different "Chargeback management services", all of them required monthly minimums, setup fees, hours of negotiations with salesmen, answering long questionnaires, and the implementation was unbelievably hard. The worst part? It was very expensive, pricing was not success-based, but response-based, and the win rates were poor. We were frustrated.

The Solution

After coming into to the conclusion that there were no sufficient market solutions to alleviate our chargeback pain, we had to make our own, and it had to feature all of our most wanted features and more.

The Benefits

Easy integrations
We wanted our system to integrate seamlessly with all of the popular eCommerce platforms and processors without the need of software engineers, using 1-click API integrations.
Success-based pricing
We think that incentive-based pricing is crucialfor businesses, and makes everyone work harder, better and smarter. This is why our pricing module is great for any business type or size.
Industry leading win-rate
Our customers achieves up to 85% disputes win-rate. The most important factor of dispute management service, is the final results. And we are confident that we are the best in-class.
Seamless experience
Creating the dispute flow experience was our top priority. It’s so easy to setup that within seconds your account is fully connected, and our system has already started resolving disputes for you.
No sales calls
you hate sales calls, so do we. We have made Chargeflow's pricing transparent to make it easier for you to choose your favorite solution.
No contracts
Contracts are a thing of the past. We don't lock you into long-term contracts, and you can leave any time.
Why Us?
That's a great question, and if we didn't convince you yet, you can try Chargeflow for free.

Your first 10 disputes settled in your favor are on us, and the setup takes only a few seconds, so you literally have nothing to lose. Not happy with your results? You can leave anytime. No hard feelings.