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One of the beautiful things about eCommerce is the ability to build your business and grow your brand while being as lean as possible in operations. You can effectively partner with an agency, a firm providing particular services, to meet specific needs instead of your company.

And since Shopify is gradually becoming the de facto eCommerce platform for first-time entrepreneurs and their counterparts, we want to narrow down some of the best Shopify agencies worth knowing in 2022.

Why you should consider a Shopify Plus agency partner

The first thing you need to know as an eCommerce merchant is that startup success does not always hinge on hefty marketing and ad budget or having an elaborate in-house team.

Ads are crucial. And scaling your team has its place as well. But running your marketing budget down the ads stream will not guarantee long-term success. You need an informed strategy that covers a broader landscape of your company.

Communicating purposefully with your prospects, building a vibrant social network, and a strong and coherent brand strategy that considers every relevant touchpoint offer alternatives for every dollar spent on customer acquisition ads. By working with a Shopify agency partner, you could focus on doing what you do best while getting the needed outside insight and results on other crucial areas of your company.

Yet, not all agencies are worth your dime. There are many Shopify Plus agencies promising sunshine and rainbows to prospects. It'll be wise to look for the following merits before choosing a Shopify Plus agency partner.

What you should look for before partnering with a Shopify Plus agency

Below are some essential checklists for assessing a Shopify Plus agency you wish to partner with to grow your brand.

  • Are they on the same communication wavelength as you? One of the sad realities about digital work is the gap between expectation and reality. It can be frustrating to start a project without a clear understanding. Or not know whether or not your partner is doing the job. Optics are not everything. You want to do proper due diligence on their customer service before partnering with the agency and ensure you understand each other.
  • Do they understand what success means to you? Suppose you want to create a website or brand assets, and the partner does not know what you need from the project. No matter how good they are, there's no way they can deliver the result you need. Be sure they know what you want to do and how you want it done.
  • Do they have tangible social proof? You want also to be sure the Shopify Plus agency has a solid track record of results on the work they claim to do. Testimonials, case studies, and portfolios of past clients help you ascertain their credibility, skills, and experience.
  • Is the pricing transparent and clear? Next, to fit, experience, skills, and social proof is the pricing. Ensure you know what you're paying and how frequently you have to pay.

That said, below are the top Shopify Plus agency partners you should know in 2022.

Top Shopify Plus Agencies to know

1. Quickfire Digital: A Shopify Plus and bespoke development eCommerce agency

Quickfire Digital is a fast-growing specialist e-commerce agency working with scale-hungry businesses. They maximise the commercial potential of Shopify Plus through custom development and their tailored QF Commerce programme.

Essentially, Quickfire Digital helps you unleash your eCommerce potential. They build websites that make you more money because they understand Shopify inside out. They craft custom software that transforms your business because they understand technology.

Their specialty includes store migrations to Shopify Plus and Shopify, Shopify Plus design and development, Shopify optimization through monthly accelerator packages, Shopify consultancy and training, custom software development, and platform integrations. And they’ve worked with Blakely Clothing, Mylee cosmetics, and Tala activewear to achieve their growth targets. They create the digital future you didn’t know was possible.

2. Charle Agency: Inspired by the fearless spirit of a kid

Charle Agency is a group of experienced professionals – and friends – who wanted to see if there was another way to be an agency. One that produces outstanding creative work that serves the client’s actual needs. And one where the clients would enjoy the process as much as they do.

So they built just that to help brands come to life digitally and have fun doing it. Whether web development or design, they believe everything they create should be beautiful and useful.

Launching a brand, having a technical problem you can’t solve internally, or needing creative support? Charle Agency will happily use their experience to help your team as expert consultants.

Knowing how to launch your brand or sell your product can be tricky. You don’t have to do it alone: they’ve helped many brands find their footing in their industry. And they can help you say the right thing, the right way.

3. Tegra: Increasing revenue for DTC brands

Tegra lives to scale DTC brands. They’re a data-driven digital agency with technical marketing and growth hacking core. Concerning their process, Tegra says they start from the product idea, create prototypes and design, code, and polish it to the final product, which can be a website or E-commerce. Then through technical marketing, they deliver it to a brand’s potential customers through social media, advertising, email, chatbots, and much more. And finally, they grab all the statistics and work with it to provide a delightful result.

They provide targeted advertising campaigns that allow you to get more potential clients into your funnel and increase revenue drastically. Plus, a powerful re-marketing tool for connecting with your customers and generating long-term revenue.

4. By Association Only: The Shopify Plus agency for the world’s most design-conscious luxury brands

By Association Only (BAO) is the Shopify Plus agency for the world’s most design-conscious luxury brands. It offers best-in-class design with a focus on innovation, performance and functionality. BAO is a specialist eCommerce agency focused on delivering high-impact, high-value Shopify experiences for ambitious online merchants working in premium sectors.

With a focus on providing specialist eCommerce insight and consultancy, BAO delivers both isolated design projects and full-stack Shopify Plus development projects.The agency was founded in 2010 and has a long and established track record in delivering successful digital projects for clients of all sizes.

BAO specialises in design for the luxury, fashion, lifestyle and cosmetics sectors.In addition to providing Shopify-specific design and development services, BAO also provides ongoing strategy and marketing services and delivers packages of work that combine all of these components in the form of ongoing retained services.

5. BSS Commerce: Best for all-sized online businesses with flexible cost

A Shopify Partner since 2019, BSS Shopify Plus agency helps merchants create user-friendly, sales-driven, and robust online storefronts. BSS Commerce says over 11,000 B2B and B2C eCommerce organizations rely on their solid apps and Shopify development services.

BSS Commerce stands out in the digital marketplace because of its commitment to innovation. They are constantly striving to accomplish more and do it better. The team is continually working on fine-tuning brand identity and creating experiences reflective of their client’s voice, culture, and values.

This Shopify Plus development agency’s extensive case studies and intense resource center for eCommerce firms demonstrate that they are constantly exploring methods to improve user experience and stimulate business, both on their site and for their clients.

6. Createur: Specializing in complex enterprise solutions built upon Shopify Plus

Createur is an independent full-service Shopify Plus Partner agency based in Sydney, Australia. With offices in Budapest and Vancouver, they service merchants in every time zone.

Founded in 2011, the team built eCommerce solutions exclusively on Shopify ever since. They focus heavily on mobile performance optimizations, with exceptional attention to detail.

They help businesses flourish in the digital space - more views, click-throughs, downloads, sales, leads, or inquiries. Their solutions combine creative vision, marketing strategy, and technical expertise, with the end-user as their core focus. After all, it's the tappers, clickers, and sharers that matter most to your bottom line.

7. The Snow Agency: A full-service digital marketing agency for businesses looking to grow

The Snow Agency was founded by brothers Daniel and Jonathan Snow on the simple premise that we know how vital every marketing dollar spent is for a small or medium-sized business. They have “been there, done that” with their brands. By doing so, they experienced the ins and outs of online business. Not only do they provide the most cutting-edge marketing services, but they also provide insight and knowledge about every aspect of scaling a profitable business.

Performance marketing does not start and stop with advertisements. Content, influencers, website conversion rate optimization, search engine marketing, and branding are all integral to growing a brand and maximizing its potential. Their customized, performance-based marketing strategies are proven to grow and stimulate businesses of all shapes, sizes, and niches.

8. Redstage: Creating Digital Leaders in B2B eCommerce

Redstage created B2B’s digital leaders through enterprise eCommerce design, development, strategy, and support. Redstage can help you at any stage of your eCommerce endeavor, from custom design and development to integrations and strategy.

Their consultants and engineers have been hand-picked from the industries they serve, giving them deep insight into solving highly specific business challenges. The team helps enterprise companies navigate the rugged terrain of the digital landscape by finding and implementing effective eCommerce solutions, so you can focus on your core business.

Founded in 2008, Redstage continues designing, building, and supporting digital commerce across the planet. They take pride in their ability to provide unparalleled support for a multitude of diverse market demands. Digitally transform your B2B and DTC online sales channels and realize up to 40%* growth with Redstage.

9. Oddit: A Fresh Perspective on Your Customer Journey

Oddit provides UX teardowns for websites looking to boost long-term conversion and strengthen brand loyalty. An Oddit Report is years of experience distilled into simple recommendations to help strengthen your brand and increase conversion. Their team has spent over a decade designing digital experiences for the biggest brands around the world. Now you can get expert advice at a fraction of the cost.

Oddit, an OK GROUP company, brings a fresh perspective on your DTC brand. They are trusted by 2,500+ DTC brands, including Hu Kitchen, Winc, P&G, Corkcicle, Ridge Wallet, and more. This company was founded by a highly experienced team of brand, UX, and strategy professionals and founders who believe that one of the best ways to increase conversion is by increasing brand trust and reducing friction in your UX.

They’ve created a business around Brand-First Conversion™, their own special approach to driving change for your company. Essentially, Oddit Club is a private community for brands, marketers, designers, and founders to ask questions, get feedback, and learn how to build higher converting customer journeys.

10. Propeller: Experts in eCommerce design and Shopify Plus development

Working with Propeller means you will be working with a leading Shopify UX design team who specializes in Shopify Plus web design.  Their producers understand the tech stack and ecosystem required to make the most of the platform for going D2C or migrating from Magento to Shopify Plus.

They rebrand pre-existing themes to deliver in express times, leaving you to focus your time and budget on content and working with them on launch marketing.

They design and develop themes from the ground up for the custom looks. Their dev team has Shopify skills across briefs from fashion to food. But that’s not all. They create custom pricing rules and exclusive wholesale rates to get your B2B online store where it needs to be. Propeller team partners with the leading 3rd party solutions available on the Shopify app store to allow you to scale in all dimensions and offer custom styling. Project Management is their thing. They also handle Account Management post-live to support your website when you need it most.

11. Eastside Co: Design, development, and eCommerce marketing solutions for global brands

Based in London, UK, with offices in Birmingham, New York, and Hamburg, Eastside Co is one of the world’s most trusted and experienced Shopify Plus Partners. Established in 2012 as a full-service digital agency, they’ve helped hundreds of aspirational brands exceed their goals thanks to their world-class eCommerce solutions.

From beautifully designed, intuitive Shopify stores and in-depth business audits to data-driven marketing strategies and best-in-class applications, they help online businesses escape the ordinary and achieve eCommerce success.

Balancing scale and growth with beautiful design, Eastside Co helps the most ambitious brands captivate consumers with engaging online experiences. From start-ups to enterprise businesses: wherever a company is on its journey, Eastside Co can help augment its success. Eastside Co utilizes a unique blend of craftsmanship, creativity, and technical knowledge to ensure they’re constantly pushing boundaries.


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