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Chargeflow integrates with Braintree to automate chargebacks across your entire technology stack.

Chargeflow is pleased to announce an integration with Braintree, a PayPal service providing global commerce tools people need to build businesses, accept payments, and enable beautiful commerce experiences for their users.

This integration allows vital transaction data and required evidence to flow seamlessly between Chargeflow and Braintree, so your information is always in sync and 100% accurate.

With Chargeflow’s automated chargeback recovery system, online businesses using Braintree can now streamline dispute management with intelligent algorithms that leverage millions of data points to protect their sales and recover sales revenue.

Chargeflow offers a robust, plug-and-play post-purchase chargeback recovery system that reduces eCommerce chargeback burdens – with at least a 60% to 85% dispute win rate. The platform equally makes evidence gathering and dispute filling effortless. That means you will never run out of time to dispute chargeback fraud.

Additionally, you get AI-generated insights to optimize your business and improve your working capital. And our success-based pricing means you only pay when you win disputes!

Connect Your Braintree Account with Chargeflow

Connecting your Braintree account with the Chargeflow application is seamless.

If you're already using Chargeflow, follow the steps below to connect your Braintree account with the Chargeflow application:

  1. Log in to Chargeflow
  2. Navigate to the Integrations page in the Chargeflow application.
  3. Under the “Payment Processors” section, look for Braintree and click on “Connect” to establish the integration.

If you’re just hearing about us, you’re in good company! Chargeflow is the world’s first fully automated chargeback management service. Our platform helps you recover chargebacks without lifting a finger.

Automate your chargebacks with Chargeflow, and say goodbye to revenue losses. To sign up, visit:

Welcome! 👋 Sit back, relax, and let us get the work done for you!


Average Dispute Amount
Average Dispute Amount
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# Disputes Per Month
Time Spent Per Dispute
Time Spent Per Dispute
You could recover
$500,000 and save
1,000 hours every month with Chargeflow!
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Full Dispute Automation

No more manual work, Chargeflow fully-automates your dispute process from A to Z.

Simple Integrations

We use official and secure API's from our approved partners. We also made it extremely easy to connect.


You get charged only when we help settle a dispute in your favor.


ChargeResponse® uses smart algorithms to generate the most comprehensive evidence response, with industry-leading recovery rates.


ChargeScore® uses proprietary algorithms to determine the chance of recovering each dispute.

Actionable Analytics

In-depth disputes statistics at your fingertips.

Built for eCommerce

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OAuth 2.0, 128 Bit SSL, secure data encryption, official, secure API's. We have them all, and more.

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Chargeflow helps you focus on your business without the burden of disputes, chargebacks and fraud holding you back.

With a fully-featured, automated dispute management solution that offers flexible workflows and unique features such as ChargeScore®, ChargeResponse®, along with our ROI guarantee and actionable analytics, all of your dispute needs are met in one simple platform.