When a buyer opens an Item Not Received PayPal Dispute against you, there are easy ways to manage the dispute and win.

Customers file a PayPal Dispute in this category for two reasons: 1) Item Not Received (INR). The customer claims they placed an order and paid for an item but did not receive the item because the merchant was unwilling or unable to fulfill the order. 2) Significantly Not As Described (SNAD). This PayPal Dispute results from the customer stating the product they received is significantly different from what the merchant described.

When any of these scenarios take place, PayPal will send you an email notification of the dispute. They will equally open a case in the PayPal Resolution Center, the exclusive communication platform where customers and merchants can resolve disputes.

How to win Item Not Received PayPal Dispute

Have a trackable proof of delivery

If a customer filed an Item Not Received dispute against you, PayPal would request for evidence that shows otherwise. And if you don’t have such compelling evidence, you will lose the Paypal Dispute. Hence, we advise that you always add tacking services before shipping your merchandise.

Tracking a package is crucial to make sure you have concrete proof that the item reached the buyer. When a package is in transit, a bar code is attached to it and scanned at various locations along the way. When checked, the bar codes provide details of where the parcel originated from and its destination. This information is updated to the shipping company’s website and remains evidence that the parcel passed that route. The buyer and the seller can quickly get relevant details on the package's location at any given moment.

PayPal will automatically side with the customer if you don’t have trackable proof of delivery.

Apart from providing tracking information, you can also include other compelling evidence such as the cardholder’s signature on the pick-up form, a copy of identification presented by the cardholder, the details of title issued by the cardholder.

What if I sold an intangible product?

Intangible products might not have tracking services, but you can use other creative ways to protect yourself when a customer files Item Not Received PayPal Dispute. If you sold a digital product, add the IP address, timestamps, Server, or activity logs to show the customer accessed the product or service.

Send your package insured, communicate better with customers, and provide realistic delivery dates.

Make sure that you insured the shipment; after all, the buyer pays postage costs. Having the package covered will minimize the occurrence of a PayPal Dispute due to a lost or impaired product. More so, customers often open an Item Not Received PayPal Dispute based on the product's late arrival. Ship the item immediately. Give realistic delivery dates, consider possible delivery delays, and make sure that you accurately communicated the features and benefits of the product. Merchants that do not have well-written shipping and order fulfillment policy always fall prey to Item Not Received PayPal Dispute.

Automate your PayPal Dispute Management Processes

In addition to providing detailed, accurate descriptions of items for sale, adding tracking information to shipments, and posting your return policy where customers can see it, you should get an extra layer of protection with PayPal Dispute automation.

Here’s why. PayPal Dispute Automation increases your dispute win rate and helps you reallocate your human and material assets where the business needs them the most. Fortunately, Chargeflow has designed the world's first, fully managed dispute and chargeback automation service, crafted specifically for eCommerce merchants.

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The Chargeflow Exceptionalism

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