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In a recent episode of the D2Z Podcast with Brandon Amoroso, VP of Marketing at Chargeflow Dan Moshkovich breaks down the eCommerce chargebacks and advanced AI solutions that help businesses manage them. Danis a thought leader in digital marketing and fraud prevention space, offering insights and ideas to help businesses face the challenges while still growing their online presence.

The discussion emphasized the importance of deploying chargeback systems early. Learn how this can affect your business financially and operationally, as well as actionable steps to help protect your business from fraud in today's dynamic environment of eCommerce.

Tune in to the D2Z podcast to learn from industry experts like Dan Moshkovich or catch up with the key takeaways here!

Takeaway #1: Evolution of Fraud Prevention in eCommerce

Dan began by discussing the evolution of fraud prevention from rudimentary rule-based systems to complex, AI-driven solutions. He stressed the need to adapt to avoid severe consequences for businesses. As fraud becomes more advanced, businesses need to evolve to protect both themselves and their customers.

Takeaway #2: Friendly Fraud

Dan discussed the importance of recognizing that friendly fraud is a serious issue for retail merchants. In contrast to classic fraud, friendly fraud occurs when a customer disputes a legitimate transaction, often due to ignorance or forgetfulness. This poses a problem for eCommerce merchants because managing and detecting billing responses can sometimes be difficult and time-consuming.

Dan also spoke about the need for a strong system:

"If you as a merchant don't have a process in place for handling those chargebacks, ultimately the credit is going to go to the customer."

Chargeflow solves this problem by offering a way to automatically collect and submit evidence, easing the burden of dispute resolution for companies. This automation leads to better supervision of chargebacks by the merchants, who are always there to safeguard their revenue by properly pooling in on operational efficiency. According to Chargeflow’s State of Chargebacks Report 2024, friendly fraud makes up 79.03% of all chargebacks. This significant statistic highlights the fact that most billing responses involve customer-initiated disputes. Therefore, merchants should strategize to reduce friendly fraud to ensure their business is safe.

Takeaway #3: Key Guidelines in Basic Chargeback Management

Chargeback defense strategies should be established early on, just like purchasing insurance policies to protect against future disputes.

"Merchants should have an automated solution in place relatively early on so that they don't have to deal with this problem as they scale their business," Dan stresses.

There are more benefits to proactive chargeback management as well. The idea is to nip conflicts in the bud so that companies can scale themselves with a high degree of potentiality without fatal reference to conflict. Furthermore, it also controls the growth of transaction fees and safeguards from falling into high-risk broker programs; costs that are always heavy.

Not taking chargeback management seriously can have serious consequences. Escalating transaction costs is only the beginning; companies could also be entered into high-risk merchant programs, limiting customers' payment options and ratcheting up costs. With business expansion, it calls for the need to continuously analyze the charges for maintaining financial well-being and operational effectiveness.

Takeaway #4: Legal and Financial Pain of Chargebacks

Merchants should be aware of the implications of not managing chargebacks appropriately. In addition to the message itself, Dan cautions that if a merchant is buying time through invoice fraud for more nefarious activities than these scammers will face increased legal ramifications. Improper handling of chargebacks can result in high legal and financial pain, it is why Chargeback management systems must be robust, and up to the mark.

Takeaway #5: Chargeflow’s Data Expertise

Chargeflow uses large amounts of data from merchants and communities to process chargebacks by generating machine-learning models. Dan explains what benefits you can expect from this strategy:

"Thanks to our extensive network, we aggregate vast amounts of data across different merchants and territories. This allows us to apply our machine learning models effectively, tailoring our approach to fight chargebacks based on past scenarios."

Real-time decision-making is essential for an immediate response to chargebacks, and AI helps not only in automating processes but also in enhancing them. Having access to the right data is how Chargeflow can predict and manage chargebacks more efficiently, increasing the likelihood of successful dispute resolution.

Chargeflow’s Unique Approach and Benefits

Chargeflow offers a way for chargebacks to be managed better with the machine learning solution, which automates evidence gathering to optimize the process.

Dan comments on the role of AI in Chargeflow:

"AI is kind of like a force multiplier for us, automating the collection and presentation of required evidence for chargebacks. This automation is crucial as it allows us to handle the volume of chargebacks efficiently without needing extensive manpower."

Chargeflow operates on a success-based model with no upfront costs and charges only on recoveries. This pricing structure minimizes the financial risk for merchants and exemplifies Chargeflow’s commitment to delivering successful results. By aligning its interests with those of merchants, Chargeflow enables businesses to focus on growth without the administrative burden of dispute resolution.

With the use of data from multiple merchants, Chargeflow is also able to plan its strategies, helping in accurate forecasting and management of chargebacks. For example, Dan shared a significant case involving $11,000 of chargebacks with a single merchant:

"We had a case that actually happened very recently with one of our merchants where a single individual was responsible for something like $11,000 of chargebacks with one merchant... We were also able to point that out in the evidence and let the card processor know that this is essentially chargeback abuse."

This example illustrates Chargeflow's capabilities in addressing severe issues and protecting merchant revenue.


Today, an effective eCommerce business can only function when integrated with advanced fraud prevention and payment tools available in the market. The automated solutions provided by Chargeflow can greatly enhance the quality of dispute resolution processes and make revenue recovery more effective. Businesses can use Chargeflow for advanced fraud protection and smoother operations. This is why we encourage all our readers to try out Chargeflow for their chargeback management requirements. Chargeflow helps scale businesses efficiently, protect income, and grow without the hassle of dispute resolution.

Listen to the D2Z podcast episode with Dan Moshkovich from Chargeflow for more on eCommerce chargebacks and how you can manage them better through a feature-packed service powered by AI.


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