How Chargeflow Works?

Handling Chargebacks and Disputes can be overwhelming and complicated, and if not done professionally, it's outcomes can hurt your business bottom line significantly.
Chargeflow combines years of experience handling thousands of Chargebacks and Disputes, to perfect the dispute cycle and deploy it at scale. We have developed Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms with huge data sets to create the world's-first science-based Chargeback Response Template.

ChargeResponse® achieves the highest win rate in the industry, surpassing every other chargeback management service, and especially non-experienced in-house teams that responds to disputes.

New disputes are pulled automatically

Chargeflow securely fetches new disputes and chargebacks in real-time from your connected payment processors.

ChargeScore® is calculated

Our system then calculates the ChargeScore® for the dispute based on your account history, evidence strength and fraud analysis to give you a rough estimate on your success probability.

We generate a ChargeResponse®

ChargeResponse® securely pulls evidence from over 50 data points, including 3rd party data and is automatically generated by our system. ChargeResponse® is getting optimized in real-time based on your store type, dispute history and our ever-improving algorithm.

We human-proof your ChargeResponse®

Your account's Dispute Expert double-checks the dispute response before it is sent to the bank in order to make sure it is in the best position to recover your funds.

You Win.

And there are no fixed fees! We only get paid when you do, so it's our mission to continually increase your win rate and help settle more disputes on your behalf.