PayPal Dispute Automation

Chargeflow was built with a bold mission. Release the burden of Chargebacks and Disputes from eCommerce merchants. That's why we have created the world's only Fully-Automated Dispute Automation Service for PayPal.

PayPal's dispute process is different from a chargeback process, it is much lengthier, it takes up a lot resources from your company and causes unneeded frustration and loss of revenue.

The old way:

Without Chargeflow
Buyer creates a dispute in PayPal's Resolution Center
You try and convince them to close the dispute, while going back-and-forth for 5-10 messages, and end up spending valuable hours on each dispute.
After not agreeing on a solution, the customer escalates the dispute to a claim with PayPal and now you need to prove why this dispute should be settled in your favor.
Experience and response quality will make or break the result of the claim process. If your dispute team is not professional enough, you may end up losing a lot of money as more and more disputes come in.

Key Downsides:

Time Waste
Time equals money, and you really don't want to waste your time manually managing disputes
Lower win-rate
Unprofessional and inexperienced teams lead to bigger unnecessary losses due to disputes and chargebacks
Lost Focus
Your focus is shifted towards dispute recovery instead of serving your customers and growing your business
With Chargeflow
The new way:
With Chargeflow, you can shift your focus to more important aspects of your business such as making a better product, delivering exceptional experience, and growing your customer base.


Connect your eCommerce platform and your PayPalaccount to Chargeflow with a simple integration.

We’ll take it from here.

You can sit back, relax, and focus on building and growing your awesome business.

But, What Really Happens?

We knew you'd ask.
Our system automatically calculates the best possible dispute strategy for your business based on various factors such as: your historical dispute performance, your store type, the disputed reason and much more.
Then, our system generates custom dispute responses that gets doubled-checked by our dispute experts before they are sent out. We take care of the whole process, from inquiry to claim, and we make sure you are in the best position for PayPal to settle the dispute in your favor.


Which part of the disputes does Chargeflow handle?
Chargeflow handles the full dispute cycle, from the moment a dispute is created (inquiry) and if it is escalated to a claim.

At the inquiry stage, Chargeflow tries to work together with the buyer to agree on a solution that is satisfactory by both sides, based on the reason, outcome and available evidence. If a dispute is not settled at the Inquiry stage, our system automatically gathers all the required compelling evidence and submits it to PayPal for a review in order to settle the dispute in your favor.
Can I handle the dispute myself?
You can choose to opt out of Chargeflow dispute management per each dispute in our system. You can change this settings in the conversation page of any dispute.
What happens if I lose a dispute?
If you lose a dispute that you think should have been settled in your favor, we can appeal on the decision for you, automatically. ChargeAppeal® is coming in 2021, stay tuned for updates.
What if the customer is right?
We always strive for a balance between helping settle a dispute in your favor and keeping the customer satisfied. If the customer is right, we will try to find a mutual solution that is acceptable by both sides. If needed, we will contact you or your support team to find out the best course of action.

All Benefits

Fully Automation
Chargeflow was built with automation in mind,we take all needed actions to help settle every dispute in your favor.
ROI Guarantee
We offer 5x ROI Guarantee, so you can be certain you are getting your money's worth with Chargeflow.
Take back control of your time and free yourself from the burden of managing your business’ disputes.
Boast faster PayPal funds release, fewer account reviews and significantly lower account reserves when you sync your logistics information with it's PayPal orders.
Our system is based on our advanced proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithm, that have processed tens of thousands of disputes.
Gain deeper insights and forecast your business cash flow by having projections into how much money you are expected to recover from ongoing disputes.
Chargeflow uses the official PayPal OAuth 2.0 API. That means we do not store your password on our servers.
If we don't recover money for you, you don't need to pay us. It's that simple.