How Much Do Chargebacks
Cost Your Business?

Calculate the true impact of Disputes and Chargebacks on your business

The Silent Profit Killer

Disputes and Chargebacks are known to be one of the silent profit killers of online businesses. On average,for every $1 disputed against your business, you lose upto $2.8 in profit.

That's almost 3 times more than the amount in dispute, taken straight out of your bottom line. And 40% of consumers who file a chargeback will do it again within 60 days.

How to Calculate?

The formula for calculating your financial losses due to chargebacks and disputes isn’t always straightforward. First, the dispute or chargeback amount does not tell the whole story of your losses. Not even half of it. There are so many ancillary costs with EVERY dispute. And you might overlook those costs in the calculation.

These costs contain, but are not limited to:

Product costs
Processing fees
Shipping & Warehousing
Dispute Monitoring
Programs Costs
Marketing costs
Dispute Response Cost
Chargeback fees

Calculate The True Cost of Disputes & Chargebacks

We have created a simple but exceptionally reliable tool that helps you calculate what disputes and chargebacks cost your business. Thanks to our years of experience in the industry and proprietary AI & ML framework. Use the drag and drop chargeback and disputes calculator to get just-in-time results on your chargebacks and disputes exposure level. And how much money & hours you could recover every month with Chargeflow.