Chargeback Automation Made Possible With The Chargeflow App

Chargeflow autonomously fights chargebacks, disputes and fraud with just a few clicks. It also reduces the amount of time spent on chargeback responses by 99% and increases ROI by 300% on average.

Before Chargeflow
  • Manually curate, download and process chargeback data from different platforms

  • Work extremely hard to understand submission standards

  • Waste valuable time that could be spent building your brand & business

  • Stress out from handling disputes and chargebacks while scaling

With Chargeflow
  • Get a glance of all the important chargebacks data in one single platform

  • Have an ultra-optimized, automated system do all the hard work for you, autonomously

  • Monitor your chargebacks and disputes situation with detailed analytics

  • Never worry about chargebacks or disputes, whether you receive 10 or 10,000

Learn How it Works

With the Chargeflow App, you choose how involved you are in the disptue process. You can manage every single dispute, or leave everything to us (recommended).

Our advanced systems populates, matches, generates response and responds to every new dispute coming to our system in less than 2 seconds.
Every new dispute coming to your account is being automatically fetched and processed in your Chargeflow dashboard
We match the incoming dispute to its corresponding order in your eCommerce platform
We generate the world's most robust Dispute Resposne, curating comprehensive data from over 50 data points
Just before we send your dispute response, it gets reviewed by our human Dispute Experts to increase the likelihood of the dispute settled in your favor

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the Chargeflow App

Simple, fast and secure integrations with the world's leading payment processors and eCommerce platforms.
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The world's first autonomous dispute response generator. Also, the most robust one.
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Comprehensive analytics to help you gain insight to the complete dispute situation your business is dealing with.
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The world's first disputes & chargebacks success rate projector. Made possible by advanced AI & ML algorithms.
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