Complete Chargeback Automation

For Dropshippers
Spend your time figuring out how to acquire more customers and taking your brand to the next level. We will take care of the time-consuming, repetitive task that can make or break your bottom line.

Optimized for Dropshipping

We know how frustrating it is receiving lots of disputes from your customers due to your supplier's mistakes. We're here to help you with that.

Chargeflow advanced systems automatically adapts to your store's business model by optimizing ChargeResponse® to create a better, more personalized responses while taking your business model in consideration.

Two-Clicks Integration

We have made it easy as a pie to add Chargeflow extremely advanced systems to any eCommerce website, small or big. No sales or integration calls needed. Sign up from our website with 2-clicks, and Chargeflow is ready to win more disputes for you.

Built for eCommerce
Chargeflow was built from our own pain of creating succesful eCommerce brands, but then receiving many disputes as we grow. Unlike other services, that focus on large enterprises and custom solutions, we've built Chargeflow from the ground up with a focus on small to medium eCommerce brands.
Industry-leading win rates
Don't settle for mediocre, non success-based results. At Chargeflow, our merchants benefit from industry-leading win rates of up to 85%. We're so sure of our success rate that we only charge a small fee on top of the amount we successfully recover for you and your business.

Full automation

No other company on earth features full automation, from signup, to integrating your platform and payment  processor, to responding to your disputes and winning them. You don’t have to worry about disputes and chargebacks once you’ve signed up for Chargeflow. We’ve got you covered.

Success-based pricing

We're so confident with the level of service we provide, that we charge you only for the disputes you have won. We also have a 5x ROI Guarantee, so, nothing for you to lose.