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We're back with Chargeflow’s Co-founder, Avia Chen in "Ask Avia: Beyond Transactions," as we dive into the transformative space of eCommerce. In case you missed our series opener, "Ask Avia: Navigating eCommerce Complexities and Marketing Innovations," make sure you catch up. Today we’re focusing on boosting customer experience through the latest marketing trends and understanding chargebacks. Join us as Avia helps us uncover insights and strategies for eCommerce merchants to build sustainable growth in this constantly changing digital world.

We'll discuss how emerging marketing trends can enhance your customer experience, effective chargeback management, and growth strategies for long-term success in 2024. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

Q&A: Exploring the eCommerce Landscape with Avia Chen

Customer Experience and Preventing Chargebacks

Q: How can enhancing customer experience contribute to preventing chargebacks?

A: Enhancing customer experience is pivotal in preventing chargebacks. You should be focusing on the following in 2024:

  • Constant customer communication: From the moment an order is placed it is important to keep the customer informed at every step. This includes transactional emails, shipping updates, and shipping delays. This practice ensures transparency and builds trust.
  • Improved shipping times: Meeting or exceeding customer expectations with prompt delivery times. The prime example here is the industry leader,  Amazon. Plainly and simply Amazon has disrupted the way shoppers shop, period. So much so that there is a term for it, “the Amazon Effect”. The Amazon Effect is how consumer expectations have shifted with the dominant online marketplace– Amazon. And the very first thing that people associate with Amazon is their fast, free shipping experience. 
  • High-quality products: Always aim to under-promise and over-deliver, ensuring the product quality and service exceed customer expectations.

Marketing Strategies for 2024

Q: What are the key marketing strategies eCommerce businesses should focus on in 2024?

A: 2024 is the year that perfectly underscores the need for marketing that captures both efficiency and authenticity. 

After years of exceptional levels of investment and spending; on a truly global basis, we should move through 2024 with cautious consumer and business expenditure. This is critical for eCommerce businesses which will need to introduce new products, creative content, and fresh advertising platforms to maintain and grow their profitability and yet, at the same time, also be able to execute all the old-school direct marketing tactics to remain efficient, effective, and trusted.

Chargeback Trends for the New Year

Q: What trends in chargebacks are anticipated for 2024, and how can Chargeflow help businesses manage these effectively?

A: In our 2024 State of Chargebacks Report, we’ve stumbled upon many insightful data points and significant trends in terms of fraud and chargebacks. Based on this, here are the chargeback trends I expect to see in 2024:

  1. Rise in friendly fraud: A shocking 79% of chargebacks are attributed to friendly fraud, not third-party fraud. This trend is expected to increase due to the complexity of successfully committing credit card fraud online due to advanced security measures like 3DS and PSD2.
  2. Laser Focus on Friendly Fraud Prevention: In response to the changing nature of fraud, companies are tearing up their playbook and shifting away from battling traditional or true fraud to warding off friendly fraud. The arsenal of tools at businesses’ disposal to detect and prevent this issue of friendly fraud is Chargeflow. Employing a vast array of in-depth datasets and a merchant network of unified collaboration, Chargeflow can readily identify and eliminate instances of friendly fraud before they eat away at businesses in the form of unwarranted chargebacks.
  3. The Surge in Consumer Abuse: And chargebacks are only the beginning. Consumer abuse in eCommerce forms such as return fraud and unauthorized reselling is reaching staggering heights right now, posing several substantial trust and financial threats to businesses – any comprehensive solution must be ready to confront the complexity of these challenges head-on.

Summed Up

Avia paints a picture highlighting the crystal clear path to eCommerce success in 2024. From perfecting customer experiences to head off chargebacks to mixing innovation with tried-and-tested marketing tactics for the rising surge of friendly fraud this space brings many real struggles. What’s important to keep in mind is that solutions like Chargeflow are right there to offer you the perfect solution to help you deal with these challenges, effectively reducing the risk of chargebacks and enhancing customer satisfaction. Helping companies do more than “just survive” in the constant quicksand of eCommerce hurdles, and rather thrive. With Chargeflow, businesses are equipped to navigate these complexities with greater ease and confidence. Armed with the right tools and these insights, the rest is up to you.

So, what's next? Send Avia your burning questions and stay tuned for upcoming posts in this series. We're here to address your specific concerns and explore together.


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