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Radford University, GH


Tom-Chris Emewulu is Chargeflow's digital evangelist. A top voice in the financial technology industry, Tom-Chris works passionately with the Chargeflow team to educate eCommerce technology leaders about sustainable growth strategies and the evolving payment fraud terrain. Since joining Chargeflow as staff #1 in 2020, Tom-Chris has helped the company establish a robust digital presence through compelling, high-converting, high-intent, data-driven, SEO-friendly articles and blog posts reaching millions of readers worldwide. With over a decade of entrepreneurial expertise and a skillful approach to enhancing user experience, Tom-Chris excels in leveraging actual customer needs to craft new products. His ability to identify opportunities for improving existing systems reflects his commitment to providing innovative solutions that empower organizations and their stakeholders. The results of his work for the Mastercard Foundation (MCF) in 2020 through Arizona State University were used by MCF to inform strategies for offering digital mentorship at scale. Tom-Chris has earned multiple awards and special recognitions and has been featured on platforms such as New York Times Square, Forbes, DW, and Business Insider, among many others.

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