Fully-automated Stripe Chargebacks Solution

Take the burden of disputes off your shoulders. Chargeflow collects, analyzes and submits evidence for Stripe chargebacks using state-of-the-art ML & AI technologies, autonomously.

Automate with 2 clicks

Integrate your Stripe merchant account and start automating chargebacks in less than a minute.

We created an extremely seamless integration experience, never seen before in the Chargeback Management industry.

Stop manually
collecting evidence

By leveraging official API integrations with some of the largest eCommerce platforms, Chargeflow automates the collection of every single evidence needed to settle a dispute in your favor, in less than a second. You will never have to collect, sort and format evidence for a chargeback again.

Built for scale

Our systems encourages you to scale your business and focus on the important aspects of your business, like your product and customer support. Less on the time consuming, headache-causing tasks like disputes and chargebacks. Chargeflow was built with scale as a first-principle and can process thousands of chargebacks per second.

Automation you can count on

Every dispute and chargeback that goes through our system makes it much smarter than before. So, when it analyzes how to best approach a chargeback, it's based on solid science from analyzing thousands of past disputes.

Personalized Chargeback responses,every single time

Every business is unique. Every chargeback is unique. Our proprietary ChargeResponse® technology adapts to your business niche, order status, past dispute history and hundreds of other variables as it generates the world's most personalized chargeback response.

Feature set so rich, you literally
can't lose money with us

Gain deeper insights and forecast your business cash flow by having projections into how much money you are expected to recover from ongoing disputes.
ROI Guarantee
We offer 9x ROI Guarantee, so you can becertain you are getting your money's worth with Chargeflow.
Chargeflow uses the official PayPal OAuth 2.0 API. That means we do not store your password on our servers.
If we don't recover money for you, you don't need to pay us. It's that simple
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